Saturday, October 16, 2010

Self Portrait

This is my self portrait. Drawn with a quill pen. I like the drawing as an experimental medium, otherwise I don't know what to think of a self portrait or why I chose to draw it. 

Lady on a train

I once tried drawing a lady sitting opposite me on a train, she was on to me in a matter of minutes but by that time I had already captured enough. 

Product Design

I designed some body armour once upon a time.


Goldilocks character development.

A bear's a bear right?...

...Well there are a lot of ways of depicting one.

Iron Mike

Life Drawing


I was reading (looking at the pictures) a cool magazine, Wooden Toy and saw some awesome colour pencil portraits drawn by a very talented young lady from Melbourne, Bec Winnel It inspired me to draw this portrait. Just don't know what I'm going to do with all the other pencils in the pack!

'39 Willies Take 2

I redesigned this Willies for a hot rod enthusiast who wanted to chop the top and redo the rear. French curves are real handy for this sort of thing.
This is the Willies redesign rendered with my Wacom. Wacom's kick ass! Looks tough in matt black. Needless to say the guy has a lot of work to do now.

'39 Willies

This was my first car render and the first time I used a wacom, I was following a Harald Belker tutorial (his car was cooler)

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